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MP82 Conquerra 2 Marquage M+S

MP82 Conquerra 2 Marquage M+S

Roll resistance E Wet grip C Noise emissions 2 73.0 dB
V: Jusqu'à 240km/h
Pneus d'étéPneus d'été
CHF 125.10
Prix par pièce
Art. No. R-254129
Prix incl. TVA
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MP82 Conquerra 2 Marquage M+S

Meets the highest requirements to safety and comfort.

For Crossovers, SUVs and Pickup Trucks. Dimensioned for on-road and light off-road conditions.

  • Matador brand with long tradition, wide portfolio and reliable performance
  • Good safety and handling performance
  • Fits perfectly for example to Nissan Qashqai, Dacia Duster and Toyota Hilux
  • Compact and solidly designed shoulder blocks
  • High amount of waved sipes which follow the block structure
  • New silica tread compound in combination with rolling resistance optimised pattern structure
  • High lateral stiffness enables good transmission of side forces
  • Waved sipes allow smooth roll in and roll out of the blocks
  • Low rolling resistance, optimised pressure distribution and even wear of the tyre
  • High level of safety due to outstanding handling performance
  • Superior driving comfort due to reduced noise generation from the tyre
  • High mileage

Good safety and handling performance. Compact, sturdily designed shoulder blocks increase lateral rigidity and enable the good transmission of lateral forces. Thanks to the outstanding handling, a high degree of safety is achieved.

Better driving comfort. A large number of wave-shaped sipes, which follow the block structure, enable the blocks to roll in and out smoothly. Driving comfort is improved as a result of the reduction in tyre noise.

High mileage. The new silica compound with optimised tread pattern delivers low rolling resistance, optimised pressure distribution and low wear. This also increases tyre life.

Pneu Pneus d'étéPneus d'été
Indice de vitesse V: Jusqu'à 240km/h
Indice de charge 109 (Jusqu'à 1030kg)
Dimension du pneu: 255/55-18
Pneu label UE